The purpose of the Four Lakes HOA is to work cooperatively to protect the value of your real estate investment, and to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood. We also oversee general maintenance and repairs as needed to roads and common areas. The board enforces the covenants, and oversees the collection of annual dues.

Roads & Safety

Please observe the neighborhood speed limit of 25 mph and watch for children playing and homeowners walking. Please slow down while passing through all gates.


Gate Openers

Please submit your request using the Contact Us tab above. 

Send to: Gate Issues


Gate Opener Troubleshooting

Our gate openers use a standard household 9 volt battery.  If your opener is not working, please replace the battery first.  To open the gate opener, locate the slot on the bottom of the opener.  Use a coin or flat blade screwdriver in a twisting motion to pop off the cover. You will see the battery, and it can be easily replaced.

Please note the position of the switches prior to replacing the battery and check to ensure they are not changed during replacement of the battery.

Four Lakes 2024 dues will remain the same as 2023 dues.

Please review the information below regarding the 2024 dues and payment options.

2024 HOA Dues are $495.00 for homeowners in Phase 1, 2, 3. 

Phase 3A is $500.00.


2024 Dues invoices will be mailed in January, 2024.

Please use the “Contact Us” tab above if you have questions regarding dues.

Your 2024 HOA Dues are due February 1st.

Payments made on or after April 1st are considered late and are subject to late fees.

Please mail dues to: 

Gray, Blodgett & Company, PLLC

629 24th Ave SW

Norman, OK 73069

ATTN: Amy Rhoads